How to Clean


For the daily care of a carpet at home what is essential to use a vacuum cleaner attachment carpets. It does not suck the brush carrying accessory; this piece is for parquet and carpet can stretch the strands and make our waste wool carpet. The frequency could be three times a week or whenever you think necessary. If ever a wire protruded from the plane of the carpet, level cut it.

Some people have a place to hang and beaten with a rattan cane; this can always make do not give him up to the carpet; do it gently.
To wash the carpet, it is imperative that the surrender to a specialized home. If you are in the area of ​​Madrid or Barcelona call us and gladly we will show our favorite.



There is always the possibility of dropping a glass of wine, coffee or Cola into your carpet. These are the products that stain because they can stain the carpet. It is imperative to act immediately and that you absorb all the liquid with absorbent kitchen paper; then prepared in a ladle a solution of warm water with mild soap and restriégala with a damp cloth in the solution to the stained area. Repeat as many times as needed changing of cloth (white cotton cloth colorfast). Finally passed a damp clean cloth with water only and dry with a towel and then with hairdryer. Apply the same system for animal pipi.

Bloodstains I take them out with hydrogen peroxide; throw up a little of hydrogen peroxide and put a paper towel to absorb all the liquid. I then apply the process of staining. Hydrogen peroxide is a great help with stains.