Fosca Bertran

Discovered by Karl Lagerfeld in 2003, an encounter that radically changed his life and his young artistic life was the beginning of a passionate and long collaboration and the launch pad in the years of the « atelier » Fosca Bertran in Paris.

Since then, Fosca has collaborated with many designers such as Balenciaga and Juanjo Oliva and others.

His couture designs have become an icon. Celebrities and princesses as Sophie Marceau, Queen Rania of Jordan, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Eva Green, Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Mick Jagger, Lou Douillon or take their designs.

Born in Paris of Spanish father and Italian mother, her work is inspired by different cultures of the countries where he lived and traveled since childhood due to the work of his father who imposed a nomadic life.

Your education and work as an architect and designer have a great influence on his creations. That’s why your carpets are a mixture of the colors of nature with graphic lines. His style is very personal and contemporary; their designs have the same experimental and creative process that a sculptor or painter.

His creations are inspired to create a story, to express an emotion a hybrid between fashion and art.