Nuria Mora

Nuria Mora is an artist who goes wherever prints delicate geometries in view of anyone with eyes. Because life is on the street and she is involved in making these, most beautiful places; dream spaces in cities. Inevitably arouse curiosity interventions in marquees advertising, their origami color, its flowers and leaves that are caught by the old walls of a neighborhood that peels and she started smiling.

Then there are the awards, of course, his work exhibited at the Tate Modern in London, the installation for Loewe in Tokyo, ARCO, the Miró Foundation in Barcelona, ​​Niro Arts Foundation Johannesburg … and collaborations for Cirque du Soleil or Sybilla.

Geometric shapes and vegetables are the hallmarks of the Madrid artist, which has lasted three decades decorating the streets of the capital with its atypical graffiti done in painting and in those with absolute role geometric, abstract, figures spot color …

It is therefore a collection that is born and nurtured in close collaboration with the artist’s signature. So, is the sum of the know-how and craftsmanship that characterizes DAC RUGS with the creativity of Nuria Mora, a multifaceted artist who has over 15 years of career exposing in museums and galleries worldwide.

With names such as Pink & Red Diamonds; Crystal Green; Star, Kusudama … these amazing pieces, a visual game of shapes and colors in the Madrid gallery are presented. A unique opportunity to appreciate really special designs, designed to give the house a very particular style.

Also we highlight their most recent collaborations with DAC RUGS and the NGO SOS Children’s Villages.