We make innovative carpets that inspire and for that we have the best national designers.
We create our pieces by hand to dress spaces with essence and harmony.

Carpets withou child labourcare & fair

DAC RUGS offers multiple designs and qualities for different rugs and kilims which are 100% handmade by artisans from India, Nepal and Turkey with ancestral techniques using the best wool and products.

Our factories are supervised by NGOs that guarantee there is no child labor when creating our products.

DAC RUGS have been sold in over 100 stores around the world; nowadays they are sold through our website, through internet commercial platforms and in exclusive design stores.

A DAC RUGS team and various designers that work with us are at your disposal in case you might have any doubt.

In case your purchase was not as expected, you have 7 days to return or change the rug or kilim.

In order to be up to date with our new products, promotions, special sales and any other news we have, do not hesitate to leave your personal details in our website.