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Colección Calma

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  • Kelly

    1,294.00 2,178.00 
    The Kelly rug is inspired by this great American artist: indigo blue, tobacco color and a touch of pink in one corner.
  • Susan

    1,294.00 2,178.00 
    The Susan rug combines daring as the writer who plays with color and the optical effect of color in green tones.
  • Diego

    1,294.00 3,776.00 
    The Diego rug is a rug with colorful lines that remind Rohner of Mexico for its combinations of pink, red and blue.
  • Pablo

    1,294.00 3,776.00 
    The Pablo rug uses blue tones sweetly combined with green and natural jute colors. Blue is reminiscent of shades from Picasso's blue era.
  • Barbara

    1,634.00 4,792.00 
    The Barbara rug mixes fresh and contemporary colors. In addition, it combines triangles of shape and knots that differ between them and create material contrasts as in the work of the sculptor Bárbara Hepworth.