Our rugs are handcrafted in countries such as India, Nepal and Turkey. For us, the respect and working conditions of the workers as well as the non-use of child labor are the most important thing and that is why we rely on the supervision and help provided by NGOs such as Good Weave among others.

The rugs are made in different techniques: hand-knotted, hand woven and in hand tufted and hand loom techniques. All are manual techniques in which wool, silks, viscose and all kinds of natural materials are used, dyed manually in old containers heated with firewood.
It is also interesting to know that a Master of Color has to complete a career of 4 to 5 years to be able to exercise this valuable profession and that most of our threads are spun by hand although in some cases they are also machine spun..

This very artisan way of working along with the quality control that is carried out in the factories makes our rugs become unique pieces.