Helena Rohner

With more than 20 years of experience, Helena Rohner from the Canary Islands has constructed a creative universe that reflects the honesty of pure craftsmanship and advocates ‘slow’ design, which joins together in perfect harmony the functionality and emotion of displaying beautiful objects that say something about us and form a part of our lives. Her creations, small works of art or ‘timid sculptures’, transcend fashion trends, define sustainability and craftsmanship, and are timeless.

The magic of Florence, the vitality of London and the radiance of Madrid have left their trace in Helena’s creations, which are not limited to jewellery but also include original crockery, lamps, vases, tea sets, and so on, created for prestigious companies such as Georg Jense, Kahler, Bodum and Munio.

This collection of DAC RUGS – five unique creations made from wool and jute, the first time these materials have been combined in a rug – reflects the designer’s expertise and the brand’s experience.

Emerald Ripple, Mint Posycle, Mint Helena, Pale Nilia… these are some of the names that describe these magnificent pieces that fill interiors with ease, warmth and distinction.

Deserving great recognition in the world of design, in 2015 Helena Rohner received the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts, awarded by their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain.