Jorge Pensi


Perspicacity, intuition and minimalism are some of the qualities conveyed by the new Insight rug collection created by Jorge Pensi, in collaboration with his daughter María Pensi. Due to his training as an architect, Pensi has conceived this collection with clear, non-invasive signs of identity, which allow it to coexist in a multitude of architectural spaces, whether contemporary or classic, always providing a sense of serenity and stillness. These are minimalist designs, conceived as a useful tool for architects and interior designers and intended to complete their spaces with a discreet presence, but with strong signs of identity. Hence the soft chromatic range of the Insight collection. All the rugs are in light and luminous tones with the aim of providing a warm presence to the spaces, avoiding stridency.

Dac Rugs has counted, on this occasion, with the collaboration of Jorge Pensi, winner of the National Design Award (1997) and founder of Pensi Design Studio in Barcelona for the creation of this collection of rugs, with the aim of offering a collection of rugs suitable for architectural spaces of different kinds.