Once received the carpet, you have 7 days to return it.

Call our customer service number to obtain the return confirmation number. The returned carpet must arrive in perfect condition, well packed in the original packaging or another of the same quality.
We can arrange a pick up with ENVIALIA at a fixed price or you can send it to your preferred company

In the event that the return is error of DAC, the transport will be organized and paid for by us. The carpet must be collected at the same address where it was delivered.

If the shipment was made correctly and the return is due to the client’s personal reasons, the customer will send us the products you wish to return prepaid, or you can ask us to organize it. The cost of transportation will also be at your expense.

The return will be approved once the carpet is in our stores and we can control the product. When the return is approved within a maximum period of 7 days, it will be refunded in the same way and with the same data with which it was paid. If the return is due to a DAC error, if you wish, you can change the carpet. If you want us to pay it, we will add the money you paid for the transport to the price of the carpet.

If the return is not approved, the product will be returned.

No changes or refunds are allowed for carpets manufactured to measure except in cases of manufacturing defect or wrong color.

Returned carpets that do not come with the return reference indicated in our customer service phone are not accepted.

Returns are not accepted from the Canary Islands.