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Specialist rug and kilim shop in Madrid and Barcelona

At Dac Rugs, we create artisanal kilims and rugs that fill your spaces with harmony. Our creations are handmade by artisans based in India, Nepal, Turkey and Morocco using artisanal techniques and the best quality wool and materials, such as New Zealand wool and Bikaner yarn from India.

We have an extensive catalogue of pieces from internationally renowned designers, such as Helena Rohner, Paula Pappenheim, Nuria Mora, Ailanto, Alfons Tost and Fosca Bertran, and we sell our contemporary collections in shops all over the world, on our website and other Internet platforms, as well as in exclusive design shops.

We take social responsibility very seriously during the manufacturing process of our rugs and kilims. It is for this reason that we work with various social projects in India and Nepal, and our factories are supervised by NGOs which ensure that child labour is strictly forbidden in the creation of our products.
Our customers can have complete confidence that their purchase has been produced responsibly, using natural, sustainable and renewable natural fibres.

Our products come with long guarantees, which follow our rigorous system of quality controls throughout the process, from the sourcing of materials to the moment of sale.


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DacRugs partners with different organisations to support workers’ rights and to fight against child labour”